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Key meaning: “There is always enough.


Usually, when upright, the Golden Palace card represents good fortune, abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

However, this week, it is reversed!

This reversal may signify that you are holding on too tightly to your material possessions for fear of losing everything. You may not be appreciating your many blessings such as your health, family, friends, food, home, and fresh, clean water.

Perhaps we need to see what is happening outside our bubble. Not everything is about us, but about the collective. Does a neighbour need help with groceries? Is a colleague at work in need of your advice, or does your community need your expertise?

Currently, there is a great deal of political turmoil, disharmony, and confusion around the world. Sadly, there are unprecedented numbers of natural disasters (i.e., floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes, etc.) that are shaking up our planet worldwide.

Every continent is feeling the wrath of Mother Nature. Is Mother Nature fighting back because we do not appreciate all that she has offered? As a species, we cannot continue to pilgrimage from the earth without giving thanks and being grateful for the abundance of fruits of her labour.

If you are reading this message, the universe is calling you to help!

We can all contribute to better earth in our unique way. Perhaps you can meditate or give thanks to raising the collective vibration. 

Any small stone thrown in a lake will create a ripple effect. What will your pebble’s impact be in the universe?


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With grace and gratitude,

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Source: The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid