Personal lesson of patience and making others a priority frazzled
Hi everyone,
So, I had an important client meeting today on Zoom. Guess what? That is right. About an hour before the session, my internet connection went!!!
I ran around the house, into every room, with my laptop, hoping to get a signal. I rebooted the router 100 times, ok – maybe 10 times.
And. Nothing. Nada. Zilch!
So, 30 minutes before my meeting, I called the service provider and after going through the complicated IVR system, I was in the loop waiting for a living being – hopefully, a spiritual one – to answer.
Then, I finally got a live operator. Yay! Nice young gentlemen. He listened patiently to my challenge and time crunch and heard the desperation in my voice. He went out of his way and did somersaults to try to assist me to get back online because of my ‘important’ client meeting. Then, while waiting for the system to upload at his end and at my end, he started telling me about his life ‘situation’ at work and his real desire to be an artist – a painter!
Oh no!
I don’t have time to wear my empath hat right now and listen to him. I was saving my energy for my ‘important client’. But I took a deep breath and …. Listened. I gave him my advice with love and compassion, and BOOM, the internet was up!
YAY! Just in time! 10 minutes before going live! I even had time to comb my frazzled hair and put on a little lipstick which came off from all the lip-smacking!
BTW: The client meeting went without a hitch.
Lesson: The universe has your back.
When you give, the universe gives back. This young man needed a caring person to listen to him, today, and I needed someone to fix my internet. The universe sent me to him in his moment of need. And he appeared in my moment of need.
Karma: A measure put in place to keep us all in balance.
Have a great day!
Your Guiding Luminary
(Was a frazzled Guiding Luminary but saved by an earth angel!)
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With grace and gratitude,


Your Guiding Luminary

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