SME Digital Marketing Plan 101

SME Digital Strategies

Small businesses transitioning to digital marketing should have a clearly defined marketing plan to track their activities and to monitor results.

A 3-6 month plan is optimal, as you can easily respond and adjust quickly to activities. Each company has its business cycle, with clear ups and downs in sales and activities during the year. By carefully monitoring the fluctuations, a firm can focus on developing strategies to target prospective clients when times are slow while concentrating on serving existing customers during peak seasons.

4 Fundamental Steps in an Effective Marketing Strategy:


1. Develop a Plan

The development stage is when you plan and create a basic digital ecosystem (i.e. launch of a website, social media platforms, mobile applications, and email database). This foundation will ensure that your brand, products, and services are consistent, and can measure and optimize your digital marketing efforts.


2. Implement

Once the ecosystem is developed, you need to drive prospects to your online platforms and convert them into paying customers. To get started, you could launch a few simple campaigns, (using Google AdWords or Facebook), or develop new connections on LinkedIn, etc., to learn how best to attract visitors and allocate and optimize your budget.


3. Track Return on Investment (ROI)

During the ROI phase, you need to analyze the campaign results to understand what worked and what did not. Adjustments might be required for your digital marketing properties and marketing plan. Listen to what prospective customers are saying and analyze their behavior on your online platforms. Which tools work and which failed?

Take advantage of every opportunity a client reaches out to you. Listen and learn from their concerns or suggestions to improve your firm’s offerings.


4. Optimize/Revise

The final stage is part of an ongoing cycle of measuring, learning, and making changes to your digital ecosystem to improve the conversion of prospects into paying customers. This agile framework ensures that your content and technical features are based on true customer needs.


Be Honest – Learn from your successes and failures

Carefully monitoring the results will allow you to repeat existing campaigns, modify or completely revamp and try something new. The result of your efforts will be continuous improvement and a maximum return on your digital marketing investments.


I’ve spent over two decades preparing national creative marketing strategies for large Canadian companies.  Some activities work, while others needed improvement. This is normal. With this experience, I now offer the same savvy consulting services to small and medium businesses.

Need help to develop or tweak a digital marketing plan? Or, if you are interested in being coached by someone who has networked for over 25 years, please contact me at 514-839-0505 or It will be my pleasure to assist you in the next leg of your journey.