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Each person desires joy, passion, and fulfillment in their life.  A clear plan with defined goals, positive guidance, and direct accountability will make this happen. 

 My Coach's Hour sessions, signature Success Coaching programs, and Intuitive Healing consultations assist in breakthroughs, enhance confidence, self-care, and empower clients to live their best life!

Every session is personalized, unique, and divinely guided!

Zita Banasinski

Hi! I am Zita

After an aspiring career of over 25 years in the corporate world, I knew in my heart that my soul wanted a more balanced life: less work, more quality time with family and friends, and travel.

So I leaped faith and became an independent consultant. Recently, my journey led me to expand my services to life coaching and intuitive healing.

Today, my goal is to work with clients to help them uncover personal blockages, face their challenges, guide them to embrace change, and empower them to fulfill their soul's purpose and live their best lives!



My Commitment

My mission is to guide my clients to identify blockages and negative patterns that are holding them back.

I coach and empower my clients through their breakthrough moments, to build up their self-love,  self-esteem and ultimately their self-confidence so that they lead their best lives!

My Coaching Style



Intuitive & Healing


Action Focus


My Services

As an intuitive healer and successful life coach, I use recognized methodologies to delve deeply into the unconscious for blockages, to gain clarity, rebuild self-esteem, and celebrate newfound successes.

I would love to work with you if you are:

Aspiring to live a more spiritually guided and fulfilling work/life balance lifestyle.

Dreaming of fulfilling your “life purpose”, living your dream life, but have lost the SPARK or the Just do it! attitude.

At a turning point in your life or midlife crisis, and are re-evaluating your personal and professional choices.

Retiring or semi-retiring, exploring options and lifestyle changes.

Starting a business but are concerned about leaving the comforts and financial stability of a full-time job.

Allow me to join you on your journey! 

icon success coaching

Seeking a more work-life balance, to discover your life purpose, and desire to lead your best life?

Are you aspiring for that dream job or promotion, starting a business, retiring or semi-retiring, and need experienced coaching on the next phase of your life?

intuitive healing icon

Looking for a deeper soul inspiration to understand your mission or calling? Seeking intuitive guidance, clarity, and healing?

An Oracle Card Reading brings insight to ongoing repetitive patterns and unproductive behaviour, while a Crystal Healing can help clear energy blockages, and bring clarity to your life.

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I had the opportunity to attend the social media workshop presented by Zita. For anyone who desires to understand and learn how to profit from social media, I highly recommend that you attend Zita’s presentation. Your business network of contacts may explode…

Jacques Poirier, CSF Financial Consultant, Associate at World Group