Life Transition Program

Stop overthinking. Just do it!

Embrace Change - If not now, when?

Move past obstacles and take action! Are you:

  • Recently unemployed, unsure of your next move, and need professional coaching?
  • Ready to come out of your cocoon to pursue a new career or go back to school?
  • Considering making your hobby into your dream business?
  • Still healthy and wise and want to retire or semi-retire to travel more or pursue other opportunities?
  • Re-entering the workforce after an absence and need a gentle push in the right direction?
Wooden direction sign: NEW WAY, NEW  LIFE

This personalized Life Transition Program is designed to help you embrace the transition - creating new opportunities, more joy, balance, and fulfilment in your life!

Let’s do this!

Accelerated Program - Three (3) Month Journey
or Extensive Program - Six (6) Month Journey


Eight or Sixteen one-on-one sessions (either face-to-face or on Zoom) using the S.M.A.R.T.E.R,  R.E.A.M. Creator, Wheel of Dreams principles to explore your personal challenges and align you in the right direction.

We will explore your goals, aspirations and opportunities, your strengths and weaknesses, dreams, life/soul’s purpose, and passions.


Two or three Intuitive Oracle Card Readings (45-60-minutes each) at the beginning, midpoint and end of the program. These sessions are personalized interactive self discovery readings using Oracle Cards, designed to connect you with your inner self. The readings will guide you to discover your strengths, your life purpose, and highlight stumbling blocks that may be preventing you from realizing your dream life.


A Three-month or Six-Month Personalized Journey Calendar Spreadsheet

Together, we’ll establish realistic goals and track your personal journey: Goals, Milestones, Challenges, Achievements, and Rewards. We’ll review your DREAMS and analyze potential stumbling blocks (personal fears and doubts), investigate options, and finally, establish key milestones.


Ongoing Homework Assignments

After each session or email check-in, key elements will be identified and homework will be assigned to move forward with challenges. You will have specific tasks and goals that we will determine together. I will guide you, and empower you in making the right decisions AND supporting you during the transition phase.


Two EMERGENCY calls, emails or texts allowances from 9 AM to 7 PM EST

Don’t worry. I will be there when you are blocked. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.


One Forgiveness Pass to reschedule a cancelled (if done under 24-hour notice) or missed appointment.


Results: Reward & Celebration

Yay! You did it!  Did you meet or surpass your goals? Let's celebrate!

My Gift

A personal Gratitude Journal to log all coaching sessions' insights, lessons, and achievements during your journey.

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