Intuitive Healing

Listen. Trust.
The universe will guide you.

Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive Universal Guidance

To complement my Life Coaching Services & Programs, I offer Intuitive Card Readings that delve deeply into unconscious issues, patterns, behaviours, and traumas that prevent us from moving forward.

Each reading is in a relaxed and positive environment - an interactive self-discovery session to guide you to learn more about who you are, your life purpose, and past issues causing stumbling blocks that require further attention.

After a reading, clients feel more empowered and open to navigating new areas of their life.

These sessions are designed as a prelude to launching the coaching sessions but can be standalone sessions.


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Crystal Energy & Chakra Balancing

Clearing Blockages & Moving Forward

Chakras crystal placement and musical therapies will activate and assist in clearing any blocked or stagnant energies allowing for soulful healing and clarity.

Since its creation, Mother Earth has infused crystals with sacred knowledge and wisdom of the past, present, and future.  Each crystal has a divine message to share and is instrumental in awakening us to a more expanded way of being.

When we live from our heart chakra, a place of love, we open ourselves to diving spiritual messages and guidance from the universe.

After each session, your divine intuition will guide you to look inward for wisdom, clarity, and to move forward on your journey!

Pendulum Readings

Higher-Self Support & Affirmations

To complement my Intuitive Services, I offer Pendulum Readings in conjunction with my Oracle card readings.

At times we have burning questions that we would like answered immediately. We have that wiggle in our bellies and need a 'Yes' or 'No' confirmation and this is usually possible with a pendulum.




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Disclaimer: Any intuitive healings with Zita Banasinski do not substitute or replace services offered by traditional healthcare professionals. There is no guarantee for accuracy, nor do they diagnose, prevent, or cure illnesses.
All of these services are for entertainment purposes only.

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Thank you for such a beautiful and genuine reading. I know for sure that it has inspired me and encouraged me in every positive way.

Rina S., June 2023


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