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Your Guiding Luminary

My journey!

I am a Certified Coach Practitioner and an associate member of the Canadian Coaching Federation (CCF). I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University (Montréal, Canada), majoring in Finance and Marketing.

I was born to European parents and raised in the heart of one of the most multicultural cities in North America - Montréal, Canada. Upon completing my business degree, and with my passport in hand, I embarked on my career and explored the world!

I started my journey in the financial services sector. The thrill of the investment markets was where I wanted to be. I held several successful positions: as a stock trader to an investment adviser, and a portfolio manager.

Soon, my creative and passionate side called out to me. I pursued strategic managerial positions, primarily in the marketing and sales divisions. I successfully launched lucrative and innovative products and services. I oversaw the creation of award-winning campaigns and managed motivated teams while expanding my horizons and expertise.

A new direction...

Being my own boss

After an aspiring career of over 25 years in the corporate world in finance and marketing, I knew in my heart that my soul wanted a more balanced life: less work, more quality time with family and friends, and travel.

In 2010, I leaped faith and founded my consulting firm, iZita Marketing. Since then, I have had the privilege of working with enterprises and government agencies, of all sizes. that required strategic direction. I developed successful marketing and sales plans, personalized business coaching and consulting sessions, digital marketing, social media, branding and creative design, and much more.

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Fulfilling my life purpose!


Success Life Coaching & Intuitive Healing

In 2015, my soul nudged me to delve deeply to reevaluate and explore my dreams and aspirations. Was I fulfilling my life purpose? 

Many clients, friends, and business associates have confided in me that I have an innate ability to connect and empathize deeply with them and offer guidance naturally. Throughout my life, even strangers have been drawn to me to share their life challenges hoping for spiritual guidance and insights!

After heartfelt contemplation, I embarked on my new calling to expand my offerings to become a certified life coach, an intuitive healer, and Your Guiding Luminary!

My Coaching Style



Intuitive & Healing

Action Focus

My Services

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Seeking a more work-life balance, to discover your life purpose, and desire to lead your best life?

Are you aspiring for that dream job or promotion, starting a business, retiring or semi-retiring, and need experienced coaching on the next phase of your life?

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Looking for a deeper soul inspiration to understand your mission or calling? Seeking intuitive guidance, clarity, and healing?

An Oracle Card Reading brings insight to ongoing repetitive patterns and unproductive behaviour, while a Crystal Healing or Pendulum affirmations can help clear energy blockages, and bring clarity to your life.

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