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Group Sessions

Embracing & Celebrating Your Spiritual Growth!

Join me in these sessions and allow yourself to let your guard down and meet other like-minded individuals to embrace and celebrate your newfound inspirations as you progress on your spiritual awakening.

Be part of a safe and closed community whose primary focus is to gently encourage you to open up about your challenges and guide you towards self-love, healing, newfound joy, passion, and fulfillment so that you can move forward.

Homework is assigned to inspire your growth and progress!

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What's included?

Each session starts with a brief introduction and a 10-minute meditation to relax and align everyone's energies, followed by a themed group discussion and, in closing, an individual oracle card draw for added inspiration and motivation.

DURATION: 120-minute bi-weekly ZOOM Group Session

COST: $25 US via PayPal

PayPal Payments

Please click on the desired session and send your $25 US payment via PayPal. A Zoom Access Code and Password will be sent confirming your attendance.

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"I have had several group sessions with Zita and each one has been personalized and tailored to what I most needed at the time. The spirit realm never fails to provide insight and gentle guidance. Zita uses her unique talents and intuition to interpret the messages in the oracle cards or directly from Spirit. She has been a tremendous help in guiding me through difficult family relationships and realizing the importance of taking care of myself and finding joy in my life!"

Carol W., August 2023