Marketing Consulting

Iron out the wrinkles with an ingenious strategy and shine!

This is how the journey happens

I teach smart clients how to design their maps to arrive at their next destination.

Are you a senior executive, manager, or business owner who is:

  • Launching your dream business or expanding to explore new niche markets?
  • Requiring creative input and a strategic marketing plan to bring your business dreams to fruition?
  • Branding or rebranding your company’s image and want to create that WOW factor?
  • Revitalizing your business offering and considering expanding your range of products and services to attain greater profits?
  • Taking the leap with social media platforms and want to make a splash?
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Allow me to be your Marketing Consultant you embark on your journey!

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As your marketing consultant, I will help you build a marketing strategy that explores new markets, niches, product launches, and services all within your budget, resources, and time frame.

We will review and refresh your branding and business models, recalculate your ROI, provide digital services program with an integrated and dynamic internet web presence and savvy social media platforms.

Together, we will develop strong interactive dialogues with clients to generate leads with a strong call to action incentives, an increase in profits, and much more!

Marketing Consulting Services!

My services are personalized and designed to address your corporate vision, tackle major milestones and crossroads to allow you to explore and test new niches, revitalize existing markets and create transformations to move forward - in the right direction.

Orchestrate your tailored journey!

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Personalized strategies designed to transform YOUR firm’s aspirations from conception to reality!

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WOW your clients and competitors with a great brand image!

Nothing beats a great design, a dynamic logo, creative material, or a campaign that allows your firm’s image to stand out from the competition!

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Websites and social media are the new NOW!

Can your clients find you on the internet?

Benefits of working with me!


  • I am a passionate marketing consultant living her dream career to help your firm create its own!
  • Over 25 years of experience developing successful marketing plans that explore new markets, niches, and increase profits!
  • A knack for creating impressive stylish branding embodying your corporate colors, vision, and culture.
  • The capacity to design successful product and service launches while respecting timelines, resources, and budgets.
  • Understanding of the importance of a well Integrated and dynamic internet presence with savvy social media platforms!
  • And much more!
Zita Banasinski

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