4 Steps for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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Develop a 3-6 Month Test 

Small businesses considering using digital applications and platforms need to explore integrating them into their overall marketing strategy.  The optimal time to create a plan is at the beginning of a new business cycle, the new year or when your business is relatively quiet or slow.

Typically, to test a new market or platform, a 3-6 month plan is optimal, as you can respond and establish parameters to track activities and adjust quickly to optimize future campaigns.  

As every firm has its business cycle, it is imperative to monitor the fluctuations, optimize all efforts and focus on strategies to target prospective clients when times are slow while concentrating on serving existing customers during peak seasons.


Milestones to consider for an effective strategy: 


I. Develop a Formal Plan

The development stage is when you plan and create a digital ecosystem (launch of a website, social media platforms, mobile applications, email database, etc.). This foundation will ensure that your brand, products, and services are measured and optimized in your digital marketing efforts.

2. Implementation

Once the ecosystem is in place, you need to drive prospects to your online platforms and convert them into paying customers. To get started, you could launch test campaigns (using Google AdWords or Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to learn how best to attract new visitors and allocating activities accordingly.

3. Track Return on Investment (ROI)

Once campaigns are launched, the campaign results are analyzed periodically to understand what works, what does not, and what adjustments are necessary to optimize budgets and attract new clients.

4. Optimize & Revise Plan

The final stage is part of an ongoing cycle of measuring, learning, and making changes to your digital ecosystem and your overall marketing plan. In doing so, you improve the conversion ratio of prospects into paying customers. 

By carefully monitoring results, you can repeat successful campaigns, modify or completely revamp with a new strategy. The result of your efforts will offer maximum return on your digital marketing investments.


NOTE: Put your ego aside and take advantage of every opportunity a client reaches out to you. Listen and learn from their concerns, encouragement or suggestions to improve your firm’s offerings. You never know if you may have stumbled on a new niche market that you had never considered before.


Need help to develop or tweak a digital marketing plan?

I’ve spent over two decades preparing national marketing and business strategies for large Canadian companies. Some activities worked from the outset, while others needed improvement. With this experience, I now offer the same savvy consulting services to small and medium businesses.

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