6 Time Management Tips that Increase Organizational Skills and Productivity

time management

We all have the same 24 hours. Take the initiative and make the effort to get organized.  Get promoted faster!

6 Tips to manage your time more effectively, effortlessly, and judiciously:

  1. Get an agenda. It can be paper or electronic and bond with it! It should be your new best friend.
  2. Create a ‘List of things to do’ at the beginning of each week (preferably Sunday evening or early Monday morning). Ensure to include your key personal and professional items.
  3. Allocate the tasks according to urgency, time, and effort required to execute. Depending on your work habit, some items should be scheduled in the morning (i.e. writing a report or creating artwork), while others could be executed in the afternoon (i.e. networking or client meetings). Remember, some tasks may take longer than expected, so plan accordingly.
  4. Limit the number of tasks to a maximum of three (3) per day. Allow your schedule flexibility so that items can be transferred around if events get derailed or canceled.
  5. Review the list during the day. If something cannot be completed successfully, reschedule it with an item from another time slot or day.
  6. Breathe! Take a few deep breaths, especially when an activity takes longer than projected. As you draw in more oxygen to the brain, you will relax, think, and plan smarter!

Key Advantages:

  1. With smart planning, you will have a greater sense of control and develop better time management skills.
  2. You will be proactive vs. reactive to unforeseen events. You will demonstrate a take-charge approach as a solutions manager.
  3. You will effectively cut down on anxiety, clear your mind, and remove negativity. More importantly, you will beam with pride in reviewing your day’s successful accomplishments.
  4. You will sleep deeply knowing that your next day is well planned and you will wake up relaxed, refreshed, and look forward to your well-scheduled day.

Yes, expect things to derail your carefully laid out plans. That is life. However, you will be in a better position to map a productive week.

REMEMBER: if you break down your list into smaller time frames, your responsibilities become more manageable. If you accomplish 3 items per day, over the course of a week, you will have accomplished 21 tasks!

Congratulations! You did it! Well done!

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