Decluttering: Free Your Mind & Soul!

Clear your mind

After what felt like a never-ending cold winter, I decided to do some spring cleaning and clean out and declutter my garage.

Like many, this is not a chore I like to do; however, it feels SO gratifying when finished.

During our lifetime, we accumulate and hold on to things that bring fond memories of different times in life and of family and friends we have lost contact with or who have passed on. However, clutter can also keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns, destructive relationships, or poor habits blocking us from moving forward.

Decluttering helps us to reorganize our thoughts and living space by donating or throwing out things that do not serve us anymore. It can be hard to decide what to keep, donate or throw away; however, when finished, it always feels gratifying as the room/space seems bigger and brighter, the air is cleaner, and your soul seems to breathe better, too!

After the cleanup with two large bins full of garbage, a bag to donate, lots of sweat, dusty hair and clothes, the much-needed shower was spiritual and healing. I washed away an old version of myself – a much-needed cleansing for my soul – I felt physically lighter and my soul was calmer and peaceful.

Decluttering and ‘letting go’ spiritually clear unhealthy patterns and connections is a symbolic and constructive way to cut the spiritual cord of things, people, and memories that may negatively trigger us.

As an imperfect soul, I threw out many things but kept a few that I wasn’t ready to part with as flashes of fond moments and people surfaced.

Hopefully, your spring cleaning journey is as inspiring and healing. I would love to hear about your decluttering experiences, but more importantly, your healing process of letting go and moving forward!

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Zita Banasinski
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