Leaders: Born or created?

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Are you a born leader or do you need a little help along the way?

Some people are naturally gifted and are able to lead others, from all walks of life and across many spectrums, with little effort. They glow with enthusiasm and inspiration. Coupled with determination and a likeable personality, they are able to move forward towards their vision and goals.

Others, need some guidance to bring out their confidence, their self-esteem, to radiate outwards to become effective guides.

Do you need personal guidance or coaching to help you on your journey? 

My holistic approach to coaching is to guide you during your growth and transformation: to find your purpose, to lead a successful career or a profitable business, and to live a balanced life!. For more information on the Executive Empowerment Program or need someone to talk to, please contact me at zita@izita.ca.

Your Guiding Luminary!