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Great News!

You may have recently lived through a difficult time, and you feel lost and confused about your next steps and life purpose. This card signifies that the stormy period is behind you and dissipating quickly away.

What lessons did you learn during this challenge? Who or what pushed your buttons to the limit? From this experience, how did you grow? Were you able to distance yourself from the person or situation and analyze things objectively? Did you take ownership of your role, or did you feel victimized? Let the emotions run through you and process them objectively.

With this knowledge and understanding, your wisdom makes you strong, confident, and self-directed. This new ray of light suggests that you are clearer on what you need to do and are ready to move forward on a prosperous and abundant new path.

The card’s number is 10, which means an ending. Reversed, it is 1, which signifies new beginnings! Wonderful news!

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Card Deck: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor


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