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The Garden and The Gate (Reversed – Good News!)

Key Meaning: Abundant Prosperity, Staying Safe

This week’s card, while reversed, is a good omen.

Upright, the card signifies that we can break free from any physical confinements to pursue abundance. Nothing is stopping us from obtaining more prosperity – not even a gate. The young girl is not locked in her garden. A key around her neck can open it and allow her to explore all that the universe offers on the other side.

Many people believe that material wealth is greedy, selfish, and unspiritual. If acquired wealth is through hard work and good fortune, there is no harm in wanted more abundance (as represented by the lush garden), as the universe can provide for all. Having more for yourself doesn’t mean that someone else is going to go without or is lacking.

In reverse, the card encourages us to step away from chasing financial and material wealth and focus on spiritual enlightenment. Sharing our time, attention, love, and compassion with others will bring about divine abundance.

After all, the universe’s mission is to reward you with true beauty, wealth, love, health, and joy. So don’t forget to count and share your blessings.

Your soul will radiate and your garden will blossom!


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Card Deck: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor


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