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Card: Truth be Told

Key message: Honesty; acceptance of things of face value; clarity of communication.

There comes a time in our lives that we must face the truth – even if it hurts.

If you are having challenges in your love life, maybe you are ignoring the red flags. You need to look deeper within to see if this relationship brings you joy or heartache. Perhaps you are the problem because you don’t love yourself enough and cannot share your true feelings. You might try to cater too much to others while neglecting yourself and feel drained. Being co-dependent in a relationship is unhealthy and damaging to your soul. Be honest and tell the truth about who you are and your needs.

Are you frustrated with your career or business? You no longer feel any joy or fulfillment in your life purpose. Has the job become a paycheck? Are you putting in all the effort to find your true calling? A healer must learn new modalities to expand the healing of others. A writer must write, a singer must sing! To be recognized, you must share with the world to be acknowledged.

The owl’s expression is intense with piercing truth, focus and full of wisdom. The window at his belly is wide open, implying that you need to open yourself to receive lots of love, abundance, and opportunities. He is perched firmly on a golden mask. Who or what are you hiding?

To help guide you, I have placed a pink quartz crystal that amplifies the heart chakra to attract more love, while the tiger’s eye crystal will provide you with the courage to move forward in the right direction.

Unmask yourself and speak your truth. Set yourself free. You will find self-love, abundance, and prosperity, the key to YOUR joy!

Have a great week!

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Oracle Card Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid