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With the ongoing unrest and turmoil in the world, it is easy to lose your equilibrium and get swept up in the chaos.

Many of us are vibrating on different energy frequencies from our immediate friends and family members, causing painful heartache and situations as we navigate through this difficult ascension.

This week, we are guided to look within ourselves to find peace and harmony. Remember and accept that things outside of ourselves are where they are to be. Stress is caused when we try to control people, events, our environment, and circumstances. Here is where the test lies in our personal development and growth.

Focus on inner balance. You cannot control what happens around you, but you can control how you react to them. This is true strength!

On this labour day holiday, disconnect from your daily routine. Take a few minutes to meditate and breathe deeply. Go out in nature for a brisk walk and find your secret garden. Listen to the birds, hug a tree, or ground yourself. Hear those sounds? Close your eyes and open your heart. Now listen again, but this time, listen with your soul. The Universe is whispering to you!

There is no better melody when you resonate with the Universe. The light will shine and brighten your path!

Mantra: “In times of stress or conflict, I focus on creating a space of calm and balance within. My inner world creates my reality. I ask the Universe for help to guide me and enlighten me so that I may master my thoughts and emotions. I am peaceful.”

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Card Deck: Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

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