Oracle Card Reading: Week of Mar 15, 2021 Mar 15, 2021 IMG-4669


CARD: Body and Soul 

“Key Concepts: Taking care of yourself, seeing yourself as a complete package, body not separate from the soul, centred in your sense of self, comfortable in your body; your authentic identity, physical health.”

CARD: Opening to Discoveries

The small bits of data you collect from the world to form ideas, the transfer of vital information via the universe always speaking to you, the need to integrate information and be discerning about what you expose yourself to.”


The universe is always sending us information.

Be discerning with what you allow to enter your life. Focus on positivity to support our well-being shifts us towards growth and expansion.

This week, you are guided to take better care of yourself, rebalance your energy, time to receive and put yourself first – love, nourish your body, mind and soul is directly related to how you experience life.

Only when you are healthy and well, can you care for others. You cannot pour from an empty cup!


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Source: ORACLE OF THE 7 ENERGIES: ORACLE CARDS by Colette Baron Reid