Oracle Card Reading: Week of April 19, 2021 Apr 19 IMG-4797


“Spiritual Awakenings and New Beginnings.” 


Finally, the door which opens to new beginnings after the other door slammed shut!

The orbs of light are guiding you through the clouds of the earthly world, leading you to new opportunities. The dove brings in newfound freedom and ideas.  The changes that happen here reach deep into the core of your being. Don’t be surprised if you become more intuitive. Trust your “gut feeling”. It will always guide you in the right direction.

This week could bring great positive changes: a job promotion, finding the courage to start your own business, signing a great contract or delivering a new project on time and within budget. The possibilities are endless, but most importantly – inspirational and uplifting.

Change is great! Embrace the new opportunities with zest.


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With grace and gratitude,

Your Guiding Luminary


Source: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor