Oracle Card Reading: Week of Dec 14th, 2020 Dec 14 IMG-4200

THE HEALING ORACLE by Rachelle Charman



“The crystal Kunzite invites you to open your heart fully to allow the love of the Universe to enter the inner chambers, awakening the love and divine essence in your heart.”


“The Boji Stones come in pairs and represent the masculine and feminine energies. Attaining balance can bring about deep clarity and inner peace on many levels.”


As we prepare to celebrate this holiday season with friends and family, many will feel the need to give, give, and give some more! The excessive need can often create an imbalance between ourselves and others. 

Take a moment to reflect and look within for gratitude and balance. Self-care is important for your health which fosters positive relationships with friends and family. Don’t lose yourself in the frantic holiday hustle!

My holistic approach to coaching, with/without oracle cards, is designed to guide you during your growth and transformation, to find your purpose, to lead a successful career or profitable business, and to live a balanced harmonious life!

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