Oracle Card Reading: Week of Dec 21, 2020 Dec 21 between worlds

WISDOM OF THE ORACLE by Colette Baron-Reid


“Transitions; not being quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another; temporary blindness to the unknown.”


The card was drawn on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. As of today, we’ll move from the darkest to the brightest days!

Life is never static. Unseen changes are often initiated without our knowledge or control. Storms clear the air, scatter seeds and nourish the soil for better things to come.

2020 was a Storm like no other!

Fortunately, this card signifies a pivotal point in time. Darkness is behind us. It inspires hope for a positive transition into light.

Embrace this magnificent shift in our lives. Be ready for the unexpected as we move out of our ‘normal’ sync with our desires and expectations towards the unknown – where the magic is!

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