Oracle Card Reading: Week of Jan 4, 2021 Jan 4, 2020 - The Power of Purpose

ORACLE OF THE 7 ENERGIES by Colette Baron-Reid


CARD: The Power of Purpose 

“Individuation, seeing your unique place in the world, having a healthy self-esteem, letting go of conditioning, celebrating your uniqueness, or you be you!”


A New Year Invites in a New You!

We all have a life purpose. On some days, it might be a great purpose – saving someone’s life, while on another day, a small gesture to hold a friend’s hand in need.

With this new year, start a new cycle in your life to discover your “raison d’etre”. Forget grandiose New Year’s resolutions and look inside your inner circle to target your ‘truer’ self. Release old energies and conditionings that no longer resonate with your soul.

Are you doing things a traditional way to please others? Then you may be led astray and not living your authentic life.

Changes do not need to be a big struggle.

Removing small blocks to realign yourself with your authentic self will naturally guide you to live your life purpose. Perhaps decluttering your desk, taking a different route to work, reading a self-help book, or taking an online course will change the energy around you. 

But for others, bigger life changes may be necessary. Are you in a job or with a company that no longer resonates with you? Lost your job because of Covid and want to explore new career options? Thinking of going back to school to learn a new trade or upgrade your skills, or perhaps use this time to start your own business? 

No matter your personal situation, you cannot fail. Your soul will radiate higher and raise your self-esteem – a clear indication that you are following your path!

What steps are you going to make in 2021 to bring you closer to your alignment? If contemplating bigger changes and need some unbiased guidance, feel free to reach out. I would be more than happy to assist you in your journey!

My holistic approach to coaching is designed to guide you during your growth and transformation, to find your purpose, to lead a successful career or a profitable business, and to live a balanced life!

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