Oracle Card Reading: Week of Mar 1, 2021 IMG-4610


CARD: Never Alone 

“You are supported through these challenging times. Look for signs of ‘angels’ – for their presence. You might notice a lot of little “coincidences” and strokes of “luck” in your life at this time. This is a confirmation that you are always surrounded by the loving guidance of divine messengers and interventions.”

CARD: Truth

“You may find yourself facing a situation in which it is difficult to determine the real truth of the matter and the best way forward. Instead of relying on your rational mind to work it out logically, try going within. Sit quietly in meditation, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day and you’ll see the answer to this puzzle revealed, perhaps when you least expect it.


Life is full of blessings, mysteries, and people (family, friends, clients, and colleagues at work) working to assist you during these times. Never give up – keep moving forward! Stay positive. Reach out. These difficult times will pass and a new chapter will start.


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With grace and gratitude!


Source: ENERGY ORACLE CARDS by Sandra Anne Taylor