Oracle Card Reading: Week of March 22, 2021 Mar 22. 2021 IMG-4733
“Lack of Motion or Sense of Personal Freedom.” 


In this card, the beautiful woman appears tied up in a magical thorny rose vine. She looks helpless with her upper body entwined and her hands bound tightly.

However, notice that her bottom torso is free, she is glowing softly, her expression is very calm and serene. Behind her, on her right, in the rose bush, there are two blooming red roses and a flying butterfly. Behind her, on her left, we see another radiant butterfly, ready to take flight.

The rose bushes and vines symbolize life: the beautiful gifts (represented by roses) and the difficult times (thorns). The glowing butterflies represent the energetic changes awaiting you if you are ready to explore new horizons to grow to a better version of yourself.

We can choose to ignore opportunities around us, feel confined and victimized or we look around at the beauty enveloping us, embrace changes, break free (even if it hurts)!

Will you find a way to unbind your hands or will you continue living to feel entrapped? The choice is yours!


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Source: ENERGY OF THE ORACLE CARDS by Sandra Anne Taylor