Oracle Card Reading: Week of Nov 9th, 2020

Nov 7 - Here and Now IMG-4006

WISDOM OF THE ORACLE  – Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

CARD: HERE AND NOW – “Being fully present in the moment; living one day at a time.”

“Everything happens in the present. Only this moment counts. You have what it takes to handle anything today if you let go of the need to look into the future or reflect on the past. This very moment has the potential for you to create miracles in your life.”

When you take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, your essence surfaces and you feel more liberated. Focus on smaller daily accomplishments instead of always meeting a goal in the far-off future. What you think now, creates your reality!

My holistic approach to coaching is designed to guide you during your growth and transformation with optimism and enthusiasm!

You will be empowered to lead a successful career, to manage a more profitable business, and lead a more balanced life!

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