Oracle Card Draw: Week of Nov 29, 2021 Nov 29 IMG-5621
Two Card Draw: Endless Possibilities & Wish Upon a Star

How divine!

You are encouraged to look beyond your current belief system. Open yourself up to endless realities by letting go of any past conditioning. Dare yourself to dream the unbelievable without any limitations. Forget what you should or should not be, want, or do.

If you embrace the world on limitations of lack, unworthy or unattainable, then this becomes your reality. Remember, you attract people and events that match your vibrational level.

When you shift your perspective, your vibration will change, and your world will align accordingly. Take the time to look deep within, take a deep breath, and with your heart and soul, and make a wish. Or better still, make some wishes! No matter how wild they may seem.

Crystal Healing

For this week, I have placed an amethyst and a labradorite crystal next to the oracle cards to assist in opening your third eye and crown chakras. These crystals will encourage your connection with the universe and will help you envision different possibilities. Your vibrations will change to match your desires to take action and manifest your dreams.

Make the wishes. Dream big and play with different realities! The universe is abundant and will provide. There is enough love, prosperity, and light for everyone. You are more than you were; therefore, you deserve more and will receive more.

So make a wish upon a star – And so it will be!

Have a great week!

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Oracle Card Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette Baron-Reid