Oracle Card Draw: Week of Sept 13, 2021



A Door to the Infinite

Spending time in stillness can help you connect with the infinite nature of your being – that eternal part of you that is always aligned with the Divine. Open your heart center by taking time out to be quiet in nature. Practising yoga or meditation will be very beneficial to allow the universe to clearly hear your wishes and desires.

Through this inner journey, you will be able to see beyond life’s challenges and reach higher levels of consciousness. Blocking out all the outside noise is essential to tune in to divine messages. Whether you are seeking a new job or starting a new business, attaining your heart’s desire increases when you listen with your soul. 

Positive Intention

Everything that happens to you today is the result of a seed planted in the past that is now coming to fruition.  

Putting out positive vibrations brings in positive realities. Whenever possible, let go of any negativity, especially in today’s challenging times.

This week, you are encouraged to remain calm, observe with gratitude and find infinite patience. Not an easy feat. There is a plan that is unfolding, which is beyond your control. It is what it is. Like the woman holding nature’s bountiful gifts, those with the purest intentions will reap the benefits, while others will follow their own path and face their destiny.

Keep your intentions high. Always remember, what goes around, comes around! 


Mantra: “I am aware of all that I create around me. I abundantly fill my life with love and good intentions. I will harvest the greatest richness and rewards granted by the universe.”


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Card Deck: Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

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