Oracle Card Reading: Week of Jan 11, 2021 Jan 11, 2021
ORACLE OF THE 7 ENERGIES by Colette Baron-Reid
CARD: Let it go – The Time is Now!

“Forgiveness, healing resentments, shedding the role of the eternal martyr, letting go of victimhood, cutting the ties that bind you to a destructive story, releasing pain so you can move into the lesson it offers, relinquishing the need to be right.”


Forgiveness – Do it for YOU!

Learning to forgive, to turn the page, or to close a chapter in your ‘book of life’, is not easy. It is probably one of the toughest things we will ever do. Yet when we do forgive a person (i.e. our parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, boss, or colleague at work), or a difficult situation at home, school, or work, we are set free from the individual and/or circumstance. 

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you should forget what the person did to hurt you, but that you have set a new boundary to protect yourself from the person from hurting you again. You won’t need to repeat the invaluable lesson as you have learned from the experience. The ability to forgive enables the triggers for anger to subside, and the healing process to begin.

This new year, start fresh.

Write down a list of people or events that still get your blood pressure to rise and take a deep breath. Let the emotions flow. Practice forgiveness by writing your thoughts on paper, journaling, or prayer. With time, the waves will be smaller and fewer in between. Soon, you will even forget that these people existed or the situation happened. Trust me, I’m on this journey – always!

As your vibration shifts and changes, embrace the new people who enter your life, who will share new experiences, teach you new lessons, and breakthroughs to better opportunities!

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