Oracle Card Draw: Week of Sept 20, 2021

Key meaning: Allowing your artistic expression to flow with the heartbeat of the universe.

Focus on your natural talents and allow the artistic part of your soul, your muse, to create and express itself and delight in your divine gifts: your voice, your dance, your musical beat to tell a story with deep emotions and soulful expressions.

Allow your creative feathers to touch your spirit and with the wings at your feet, to guide you. Your muse gently pushes you to write in your journal, start that novel, allow that colourful paintbrush to swoosh around, and paint the glorious spark on canvas. Start something new: turn on some beautiful music and let your body sway to the vibrations.

Stop focusing on the outcome or making it perfect. Be present in the moment of expression. You can erase the words, paint over the canvas, or misstep while dancing as no one will notice.

Your muse knows where it is guiding you. For you, the magical sparks are the experience of answering your call and enjoying the journey.


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With grace and gratitude,


Your Guiding Luminary


Card Deck: Oracle of the Seven Energies by Colette Baron-Reid

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