Self-Care: Dancing with Mother Nature!


Autumn is upon us in the northern hemisphere and many find this is a sad time of year. However, Mother Nature thinks otherwise. With her magic wand, she tickles the trees to clear their old leaves by changing them into radiant colours before letting them detach and float gracefully to the ground. The trees know, in doing so, this will allow their branches to grow beautiful ones next spring for us to enjoy.

Go for a walk or a skip in nature and dance along with the fallen leaves. Look at the beautiful rainbow of colours and appreciate the artistic beauty and the uniqueness of each leaf.

Meanwhile, contemplate: is there anything or anyone that you are holding onto that no longer serves you? Like the trees, perhaps it is time to let go of negative energies with grace. Be grateful for the person or experience and move forward with lighter steps, knowing that the universe will send new teachings and lessons in life.

So, as with every new season, embrace the new challenges with colourful bliss and watch your vibration rise and shift to a better version of yourself!

Have a great autumn dancing with the energies of the leaves!

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With grace and gratitude,
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