Self-Care: Holiday Traditions! xmas bulb IMG-4219

In Montreal, it’s -26 with the windchill and too cold to venture out, so I am taking a few minutes to admire my Christmas Tree!

My favorite ornament is this glass Christmas bulb which was handmade and painted by a Polish artist, in Poland. It has been in my family for over 50 years. It brings back simpler times and lots of nostalgic memories of my mother baking Polish cookies, cheesecakes, and babkas!

Feeling sentimental during the holidays is normal, but quite challenging for many, especially those who live alone. Many are faced with lockdowns and travel restrictions and cannot see their loved ones. A heartfelt phone call or text can do wonders for uplifting someone’s spirit. I hope you are all blessed with people whom you can reach out to share a story about Christmas joys.

As the 2020 holiday spirit swirls around us, and sadly my mother is no longer here to celebrate with me, I take a few seconds to make a wish that we all find peace and health during these challenging times.

Do you have a favorite ornament, childhood story, or holiday cookie recipe to share? Do you feel you need someone to reach out to over the holiday season? Feel free to contact me at and I would be more than happy to listen and share!