Self-Care: Life’s Little Accessories – Looking Your Best! Accessories IMG-4527
Looking your best oozes self-care and increases your confidence!

No, this is not an ad to sell accessories, but rather a post to share a moment while getting ready for a client Zoom call, yesterday.

Just before my scheduled appointment, I took a ‘sneak peak’ at my appearance online and realized that I looked fine, but not my usual “awesome self’”! Even though everyone dresses down today because many are working from home, I decided to spruce up my “awesomeness” to the next level by putting on a pair of gold earrings (which were a gift from a dear friend from over 40 years ago) and matching them with a colourful scarf.

Presto! My version of my online ‘red carpet moment’. My usual black blouse had a colourful punch that lit up my face and the earrings gave me a natural sparkle as they reflected light onto the screen.

I straightened myself up, flicked my hair, and smiled to myself. I was ready for the call. I felt more confident and projected a more self-assured version of myself!

Practicing Self Care means Self Love – Making you the Star!

Are you looking to boost confidence your appearance or confidence for an important interview, client meeting, or sales presentation so you can have that “I feel great and I will nail that presentation and sign that lucrative deal.” or “I will ace the interview and get this dream job as I am the best candidate for the job?”

I know you are!

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It will be my pleasure to connect with you and help you rediscover your version of “Awesomeness“.

With grace and gratitude!


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