Self-Care: Smelling nice for yourself!

Perfume IMG-4002

No, this is not an ad to sell perfume! This is my perfume collection. I just realized that I have not used any perfume in months simply because I was not out and about meeting clients! I always buy my perfume when I am traveling on vacation. So, every time I use a certain perfume, it brings me back to beautiful and exotic destinations.

Given the current situation, most of us cannot travel. So, I promised myself that, from now on, I will get back to my daily routine of a few squirts to smell nice even if I have no plans to see anyone or go anywhere. Smelling nice is one of life’s little pleasures that can lift your spirits, and even if momentarily, helps you escape!

And my cat loves it and wants to cuddle more! Puurrrect!

Do you have any small indulges that you want to share?