Self-Care: A walk in nature! walk in nature

Time to recharge and disconnect!

Despite it being very cold yesterday (-10 degrees with the windchill), I bundled up and went for a vigorous walk by the waterfront for fresh air and exercise.

I picked up my normal pace in order to focus on staying warm. This distraction helped me to stop thinking about all my projects and chores that were dancing around in my head while I was sitting at my desk.

The cool breeze rustled the lush grass sending soft whispers around me. I closed my eyes, breathed in the cold air, and listened to the rhythm of nature!

After an hour, I returned to my responsibilities. I felt more alive and invigorated to tackle my tasks on my list of “Things to do today”!

Slowing down helps keep us in the here and now.

Hope you have the opportunity to step outside for some fresh air…and inspiration! Please share any beautiful scenery you encounter on your walks! I would love to see them!

With grace and gratitude!