The Art of Professional Networking (Part 1)

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Are you well prepared?

Building up the courage to attend a network function can be daunting, even for experienced professionals.

Tips to make each event successful:


Have you done your due diligence and market research?  

To optimize your time, money, and ultimate success of meeting prospective clients, analyze the organizations hosting networking functions, their list of scheduled events, and participants.

Once you conclude that an association’s offerings meet your niche market, attend different events to see when key contacts are present. For instance, you attend an event sponsored by a local Chamber of Commerce. You learn that decision-makers prefer attending breakfast meetings and golf tournaments. You would prioritize these activities at this association and schedule luncheons and cocktails held by other organizations that better match your needs.


Your emotional and psychological well being is paramount

Are you recovering from a cold? Did you have a challenging day at work and are feeling drained? Your mood and health can impact your enthusiastic participation. Prospective clients might avoid you if you are sick and will find it rude and inconsiderate of you to attend! If you are not at your best, you will not shine nor will you impress. Reconsider and attend the next event.

Your hosts and clients will thank you!


First impressions – the best version of you!

Even though business attire has become less formal in recent years, and casual wear has become more acceptable, you should look professional. Proper grooming and appropriate attire make a great first impression. Disheveled hair, smudged makeup, or poorly groomed facial hair, and wrinkled, torn, or dirty clothing will turn away prospects.

Take the time and make the effort to look great – splurge on a new haircut or a new outfit. You are worth it! You will leave a positive and lasting impression.

You’ll thank me later.

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