The Power of the 3-DAY Waiting Rule


Inevitably, life and work will throw us curve balls! ARRRRHHHHH!

Based on our “life experiences and knowledge”, our first instinct is to react without properly analyzing the situation or exploring new options. We fall into the same habits. We make the same decisions, with the same old results. Then we are surprised that the same things keep happening to us over and over again!
Sound familiar?

Our daily lives and schedules are extremely busy. Our gut reaction is to make tried and swift decisions without consideration of the outcome. However, the Universe may have other plans for us. We can be stubborn and not listen to the signals or see the synchronicities. Perhaps there are new lessons to learn, or better ways to manage situations that merit further exploration and reflection. After all, we are on earth to grow and learn and become wiser beings.

Why wait 3 days?

Day 1: Day of the ‘Event’

When an unexpected major event occurs, (i.e. you lose your job, you did not get the promotion you wanted, or you lose an important client, etc.), you need to allow time to absorb the shock or disappointment to set it. On this day, you may not be able to think clearly, nor objectively. You may be too emotional or too involved in the fear of the unknown. Out of panic, you might respond to a pre-existing method of dealing with these kinds of events – with unfavorable and sub-standard results.

Day 2: Emotions are Calmer – Clearer Thinking Sets In

The next day is usually a day when you can start objectively analyzing what transpired. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the circumstances, take the day to explore your feelings and options. Listen carefully. You might be pleased that this event occurred. You might realize you really don’t like your job, your boss or colleagues. You stuck around because it was a habit and convenient or it simply paid well. Not always the best reasons!

Day 3: Exploring new and better options

Yes, you may have lost your job for reasons beyond your control (i.e. corporate downsizing), but perhaps this could be the time to explore a new and better opportunity with another company or explore a new direction in life (i.e. start your own business, etc.).

You might even be surprised what the options are available to you if given the time to research and explore with an open mind.

You might find a job nearer to your home, a better paying one, with better working conditions (flexibility to work from home), and a nicer boss. This is an opportunity that you would never have explored if you were still in your old job; because you were too busy working – and running on the corporate treadmill.

Falling off the corporate treadmill can work wonders for the soul. You might consider trying it sometime. Just make sure you are wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Just saying!

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