Oracle Card Reading: Week of Dec 7th, 2020 Dec 7

ORACLE OF ANGELS – Deck by Mario Duguay

BONUS WEEK – 2 Card Draw: A coincidence that both cards ask us to look within? I think not!



“The trials and ordeals we experience in life are actually necessary for our soul’s evolution. What motivates us to move forward? What are we afraid to do?”


“Sometimes it can be a challenge to remain calm and centered in the midst of conflict or stressful situations but you are guided in these instances to look within to create calm.”


Draw on your own inner strength, wisdom, and believe in your dreams! 

We all have a life purpose! If you are experiencing obstacles and challenges standing in your way, don’t be disheartened! Look within to see if you are living your best life.

Even the smallest steps, or misstep, move you towards achieving your dreams. Follow the winding road. It will lead you to your gateway – walk through it. Embrace what awaits you on the other side!

My holistic approach to coaching, with/without oracle cards, is designed to guide you during your growth and transformation with optimism and enthusiasm!

My ultimate goal is for you to be empowered, to find a meaningful purpose, to lead a successful career, to manage a more profitable business, and lead a more balanced harmonious life!

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