Oracle Card Reading: Week of Nov 23, 2020

Yin-Yan Nov 23, 2020

ENERGY ORACLE CARDS – Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor


“The card reversed reveals a yang cycle, which is one of active, outgoing energy. This cycle is marked by creativity and new beginnings, sometimes with significant outer change.”

This card is very timely as the world is facing a second Coronavirus lockdown. With this new cycle, we are asked to find new creative ways to work, live our lives, and to find hope for the future.

This week might open a new door to personal healing, prosperity, and happiness. We might be led to explore new business ideas, investing more time in relationships or ways of doing things that would never have been possible or considered before.

My holistic approach to coaching, with/without oracle cards, is designed to guide you during your growth and transformation with optimism and enthusiasm!

My ultimate goal is for you to be empowered, to find a meaningful purpose, to lead a successful career, to manage a more profitable business, and lead a more balanced harmonious life!

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