Oracle Card Draw: Week of Dec 13, 2021

your luminary guide Dec 13, 2021 MG-5638
Key meaning: You are safe, secure, and free to be yourself (upright)

However, this week, the card is reversed!

Do you feel you need rescuing and believe that someone will sweep you off your feet and whisk away all your troubles? Are you the dame in distress on a deserted island waiting to be freed? Or are you a warrior trying to be a hero and save the world? Do you prioritize others, care about them or give too much while neglecting yourself and your needs?

This week you are guided to focus on yourself and understand that you deserve more love and self-care. You have the inner warrior to tackle the world on your own. Take the time to distance yourself from your daily challenges. Acknowledge the lessons these people or obstacles present as an opportunity to build courage and growth on your soul’s journey. 


Crystal Healing

Your base and sacral heart chakras might be closed slightly. By placing a Rose Quart crystal near the card (top middle), its energy will send you unconditional love and joy. The Tiger’s Eye crystal will help you delve deep within to find courage, strength, and wisdom to deal with challenges and confrontations.

As you master more self-love, your whole world will change. Your vibrations will rise and your energy will glow. You will open the door to many blessings and will find the courage to move forward during these challenging times.

Words of wisdom: You are complete. You have what it takes to succeed. You are an I AM, part of the Holy Spirit, and a God Spark!

Have a great week!


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Oracle Card Deck: The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid